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How to Choose the Best RV Mattress

By: Clara Vela

Let’s talk RV mattress sizes and their customizable options  

You bought a new recreational vehicle or camper—but while the kitchen is cute and the molding is shiny, there’s one problem: your throw-it-in-for-free mattress feels paper thin. 

It’s a common complaint. 

Every RV Facebook group or Reddit thread is asking how to upgrade their old RV bed with a new RV mattress—with a lot of questions about RV mattress sizes, mattress reviews, regular mattress comparisons, etc. 

Here we’ll break it down for you, complete with size charts, measuring tricks, and the best mattresses on the market. 


Your complete RV mattress replacement guide:

1. Identify the Space Mattresses fit into unlikely spaces on the open road. Every bunk is unique. Grab a measuring tape and write down the dimensions, including length, width, and height. You're about to find a high-quality RV mattress replacement! 

If you have a standard mattress that at least fits well, simply measure this mattress to find the right dimensions.

If your bed frame is empty, measure the perimeter. (Remember, you may want to subtract an inch for your comforter.) And if there is a height limitation, measure to see what height you require. 

All three dimensions will be important in selecting your new mattress. (And RVMattress.com sells high-quality mattresses of varying heights to accommodate your unique space.) 

2. Find Your Size You won’t have to deal with numbers for much longer—simply consult our size chart below to find your perfect size. Is it a RV Queen, RV Short Queen, RV King, or another type of mattress size?

PRO TIP: Trouble finding your measurements? 

Rest assured one of our 20-plus high-quality mattress options will fit your camper. But it’s also totally fine (and even necessary) to round down a couple of inches. This will mean more room for your comforter (and make it a little easier to make your bed in the morning!)

3. Select Your Mattress. The best RV mattress is waiting for you! Simply select your perfect mattress by deciding on a few key essentials. It’s time the wanderlust in you found the perfect fit for your motorhome!

Note: RVMattress.com by Brooklyn Bedding offers a 120-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty on all of their mattresses. RV owners will find that our top picks include hard-to-find sizes that will easily fit your motorhome or travel trailer (like RV twins, RV full, RV short queens, RV short kings.)

All of these mattresses are hypoallergenic and CertiPUR-US® certified with eco-friendly materials and essentially no off-gassing.

Best RV Bunk Mattress: The Dreamfoam Essential is not just the best RV bunk mattress, it’s also the best foam mattress—and for many reasons. First, you can select from five different heights (6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch, and 14 inch) and from there you have the option of 22 different mattress sizes, so it’s sure to fit any of your bunk beds, no matter how snug your space. But it’s what’s inside this mattress that is the real wow factor. The top layer is made from gel-infused memory foam, meaning a responsiveness akin to a coil mattress (but without the price tag!) and with dynamic cooling, ideal for hot sleepers. Plus, the high density support foam sports open cell technology to allow for airflow and breathability—which both keeps you cool and prevents the formation of mold (a common RV problem!).

Note: Each mattress height offers a slightly different mattress firmness, so opt for your favorite firmness level—and sleep soundly night after night. (Typically, back sleepers and stomach sleepers prefer a firm feel while side sleepers and combination sleepers prefer a medium feel.)


Best RV Mattress for Back Pain: The Aurora Luxe specifies luxury in its name for a reason—it provides cooling tech, coupled with plush comfort—while also offering a core of Ascension® coils that provides pressure point relief where you need it most. In fact, the mattress has been carefully zoned in three areas to provide perfect lumbar support, hence, the rating of best for back pain. Plus, the patented CopperFlex™ foam comfort layer has active antimicrobial properties (great for keeping mold away!) and the open cell technology from the foam and coil layers allows air to circulate to prevent overheating. The cooling tech from PCM-infused foam also offers dynamic cooling, ideal for hot sleepers.

Note: This is one of the higher end RV models and yet it is listed at an ideal price point. It’s also perfect for all sleep positions, including back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and side sleepers.


Best RV Mattress for Side Sleepers: The Dreamfoam Hybrid was built to do more than just accommodate side sleepers. It was built to create the perfect sleep for side sleepers—from every angle. The mattress is a medium-firm on the firmness scale, meaning superior body contouring, an essential for side sleepers. To keep from cramping your shoulder and arm while you lie on your side, the medium feel gives the perfect amount of cushion. Then, a thick layer of gel memory foam allows for superior pressure relief to prevent a “pins and needles” feeling while lying on your side for an extended period. Next, the Ascension® coils are zoned in just the right way to allow for perfect alignment of your shoulder, hips, and ankles. This memory foam mattress is the answer for side sleepers who toss and turn at night. 

Note: Some side sleepers are combination sleepers, people who fall asleep on their side and wake up on their back, for example. Luckily, the support and cushioning in this mattress is also perfect for combination sleepers. Plus, the gel memory foam sports cooling gel to keep you cool at night.


Best RV Short Queen Mattress: The Signature Hybrid reigns supreme in the queen size department because it is sold at an ideal price, so supersizing to a Queen won’t stretch your wallet. Plus, the reinforced edge support, individually pocketed coils, and the breathable foam layers make it ideal for couples. The motion isolation of this innerspring mattress (the drink wine in bed kind of motion isolation) means you won’t feel your partner get in and out of bed, and you can lean on the edge while feeling supported. Most RV designs have the queen bed walled off on both sides, forcing you to crawl to your pillow—but even that is easy to manage thanks to the compression coils and sturdy edges.

Note: You can go larger: many reviewers say this is the best RV queen mattress and others say it is the best RV King mattress—and we would agree with both! The main takeaway is that the Signature is uniquely designed for couples at an ideal price point.


Best RV King Mattress: The Aurora Luxe is a two-time winner. We found that customers who have the space for a king (or California king) are usually willing and able to splash out for a luxury sleep experience, especially one with a cooling memory foam layer. What fits the bill? The cool and luxurious plushness of the Aurora, of course. Reviewers often note that this bed is great when you have hot sleepers in your bed (i.e., if your dog or kids sleep with you!). Not only does the cooling tech combat the body heat from your sleep partner(s)—but the individually encased 8 inch Ascension® coils offer invaluable motion isolation (to avoid motion transfer) and edge support so you can sleep peacefully through the night, no matter how much your sleep partner(s) move around. 

Note: The Aurora Luxe is a hybrid mattress that offers foam infused with dynamic cooling, a form of temperature regulation from cooling gel that is perfect for hot sleepers.

Best RV Mattress Topper: The Signature Hybrid is another two-time winner. Not only is this hybrid mattress incredibly comfortable for all body types, available in three firmness options, and offered at an affordable price point—but you can also select (for a small fee) to have master craftsmen sew an additional mattress topper onto the sleep surface. (No more mattress toppers that slip and slide! It’s on for life.) But most importantly, this mattress topper will keep you cool at night. These fibers are cool-to-the touch and provide an extra layer of quilted comfort—perfect for a restful sleep on the road. 

Note: This hybrid model is one of the top picks because it offers quality materials and high density support foam at an ideal price point. Select GlacioTex™ Cooling Cover at checkout and the master craftsmen will get to work! 

Happy travels! And sweet dreams on the open road!

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