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RV Mattress Sizes & Dimensions Guide

Find your perfect camper mattress in minutes!

By: Clara Vela

Time to Get a New Mattress?

RV mattress sizes solved! RV owners: Find your perfect camper mattress in minutes!

It’s time to get a new RV mattress. But if you own a camper or any other recreational vehicle, you probably have pop-up spaces, bunk beds, or RV beds that require a custom mattress. This means that although your bunk mattress may look like a short queen—it’s probably an RV short queen.

How to measure your RV bed

Find out which RV custom size fits your RV bed or camper with a simple measuring tape. You can measure your old bunk mattress or the actual RV bed space. Simply find the height, width, and length—and add an inch or two if you plan to add a mattress topper. Remember: RV mattresses have more size options than regular mattresses. If your mattress measures a few inches more or less than a regular mattress—no worries. More than likely there’s an RV mattress out there for you. (See our chart below.) 

For our complete RV mattress replacement guide: check out How To Choose The Best RV Mattress.

RV Mattress Sizes Chart

Let’s break down the most popular RV mattress sizes.

*All of these RV mattress sizes are available in RV-approved weight and heights at RVMattress.com. 

** Specially designed to fit motorhomes, campers, semi-trucks, and other recreational vehicles. 

Types of RV Mattresses

Find out what each mattress measurement is named in the RV world.

RV Bunk Mattress Size 

  • This size is customized to fit the unique sleep spaces found in many family-friendly RVs. Some of the most common RV bunk mattress measurements are: 28” x 75”, 30” x 75”, 30” x 80”, 32” X 74”, 34” x 75”, 35” x 79”

Truck Mattress Size

  • Measures 42” x 80”. This popular RV bunk mattress size is the “truck mattress” with measurements slightly wider and longer than a RV twin mattress. This mattress type can vary in size depending on the manufacturer, so measuring your space is always recommended.

RV Twin Mattress & Twin XL Mattress Size

  • Measures 38" x 75" or 38" x 80". These two RV twin mattress sizes are typically found in bunk beds on the open road. These twin size mattresses are the perfect size for a single sleepers (and are bunk size)! 

Short RV Full Size Mattress aka Three Quarter Mattress

  • Measures 48” x 74 or 48” x 75”. This full size mattress is custom made to conserve your RV’s floor space and is an ideal choice for single sleepers but can also fit another sleeper if necessary.

Full Size RV Mattress
  • Measures 53” x 75” or 54” x 75”. This size is just an inch smaller in width than a standard at-home full size mattress. We shave off that inch to give you the perfect fit for your RV. 

RV Short Queen Mattress Size

  • Measures 60” x 74 or 60” x 75”. This short queen bed takes off a couple inches from a standard queen mattress to conserve floor space while giving you plenty of room for yourself or an additional sleep partner. 

Standard Queen Mattress Size

  • Measures 60” x 80”. This RV queen mattress size has the same measurements as a standard queen mattress. This queen bed is ideally suited to couples (and a fur friend or two!) but if you are a solo sleeper, you’ll just have that much more room to spread out. 

RV Short King Mattress Size

  • Measures 72” x 74 or 72” x 75”. This RV short king mattress size is customized to fit your RV by shaving a few inches off a standard king in length and width. You’ll enjoy a lot of sleep space while conserving floor space. 

Standard King Mattress Size

  • Measures 76” x 80”. This RV king mattress size is a standard king—and it’s typically the largest size that will comfortably fit into an RV. This king bed is ideal for couples or solo sleepers who like a lot of room.

RV King Mattress Sizes
  • Measures 70” x 74”. This RV mattress size is the smallest available in the king bed category while still being many inches larger than a queen. Enjoy the perfect fit while keeping a roomy feel. 
  • Measures 70” x 80”. This RV mattress size gives you the height of a standard king size mattress while removing six inches from the width. Enjoy the perfect fit while keeping a roomy feel. 
  • Measures 72” x 80”. This RV mattress size gives you the height of a standard king size mattress while removing four inches from the width. Enjoy the perfect fit while keeping a roomy feel. 

California King (CA RV King) Size Mattress
  • Measures 72” x 84”. This RV mattress size is a standard California king size mattress. Taller sleepers will enjoy the extra four inches of height. Enjoy the perfect fit while being able to fully stretch out. 

RV Mattress Types

Hybrid & Innerspring Mattress

Traditional innerspring beds are made with an interconnected “grid” of coils covered by a layer of wool or padding. Hybrid mattresses, made with individually pocketed springs, tend to minimize motion transfer better than other types of innerspring mattresses while delivering deep compression support—and they’re the most common type of innerspring mattress on the market today. 

All-Foam Mattress

Many RV owners opt for the all-foam mattresses, especially when many of these designs offer high tech foams like gel-memory foam and latex mattresses. A gel-memory foam mattress provides —— while a latex mattress offers ——. Some of these foam mattresses are made using one or two types of foam, while others can feature up to five different layers. Contrary to popular belief, the number of layers does matter — that’s because foam mattresses with three or more layers can create more dynamic support, a gentler transition from top comfort layers to core support layers and provide enhanced breathability with transitional layers. replacement mattress

Memory Foam Mattress

Best-in-class for motion isolation, memory foam beds are great for couples who want uninterrupted sleep, even if a partner is tossing and turning. Since memory foam is a slow-response foam, memory foam mattresses are a good choice for light sleepers who have a hard time getting comfortable. Memory foam is extremely adaptable to the curves of the body, making them particularly good for side sleepers and people with chronic pain near pressure points.

Custom Mattresses: Special Corners in RV Beds

The RV beds or bunk mattresses in campers and recreational vehicles can come in a variety of sizes and shapes in order to fit those hard-to-fit areas. Enter the custom mattress that has specially cut or shaped corners to fit perfectly into odd-shaped bunk beds.

These differ from home mattresses and regular mattresses in these three ways:

  1. Rounded: This design has a smaller corner radius than a standard mattress
  2. Angled: This design has a chopped-off corner (or multiple cut corners) 
  3. Notched: This design has a L-shaped cut at the mattress’s corner 

You may also own a Hinged Mattress. This type of mattress has a section that folds up for easy stowing. You’ll often find these types of mattresses in RVs with slide-out beds, murphy beds, or sofa sleepers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between an RV mattress and a regular mattress?

An RV mattress is designed to fit your motorhome in all three of these critically important ways: (1) Height (2) Length (3) Weight. A regular mattress is usually several inches too high for most RV size beds, could weigh down a motorhome, and is at least a few inches too big for a RV bunk. Luckily, some mattress retailers specially cater to a travel trailer’s required dimensions, size, and weight, providing accessibility to great sleep with a simple online order.

Can you put a regular mattress in an RV?
You may be tempted to select a regular mattress for your camper or RV—but before you do, consider your vehicle’s prescribed weight limit from the manufacturer, also known as the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR).  

A regular mattress is a heavy item to add to your RV—especially when a RV mattress will usually weigh about 50 pounds less. Plus, you never know what other items you may need to add to your RV during your travels (like a generator which can weigh anywhere from 50 lbs to 250 lbs).  

Our verdict: for peace of mind and smooth sailing (er, driving), select one of the many highly rated RV mattresses on the market today. 

RV Queen Mattress vs. Regular Queen Mattress

Queen size mattresses are a luxury for the adult sleeper. Many luxury motorhomes will accommodate a regular queen size (60”x80”) but these sizes are also where weight becomes an issue—hence the need to turn to an RV mattress.

RVMattress.com offers a mattress model (the RV Signature Hybrid) in a standard queen size, along with a short queen (60”x74”) and an olympic queen (66”x80”)—all while weighing less than 100 pounds. Plus, it’s only 10.25 inches in height without compromising comfort—while some standard queens can be anywhere from 18 inches to 36 inches in height. 

Those looking for a cooling mattress topper can select the RV Signature Hybrid’s optional sewn-on mattress topper, GlacioTex™. It’s cool to the touch to prevent you from sleeping too hot or too cold.

RV King Mattress vs. Regular King Mattress

Many king beds in a camper offer a standard RV king size (76”x80”) but, again, here is where weight and height become an issue with most standard king mattresses. Opt for a RV king mattress, which will usually weigh no more than 105 pounds, unlike a regular king mattress that can weigh up to 180 pounds.

However, a standard king mattress may also not fit all RVs and campers.

RVMattress.com offers an additional RV short king mattress (72”x75”) and a RV California king mattress (72”x84”), along with three hard-to-find RV king sizes: 70”x74”, 70”x80”, and 72”x84”. (If you are looking for an Eastern King, this is the same dimensions as a regular king size mattress, 80”x76”, i.e., almost a perfect square.)