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The #1 Size Guide for Different RV Mattresses

Find your perfect camper mattress in minutes!

By: Clara Vela

Worried woman on a mattress.

Time to Get a New Mattress?

If you own a camper or any other recreational vehicle, you probably have pop-up spaces, bunk beds, or RV beds that require a uniquely sized mattress. This means that although your bunk mattress may look like a short queen—it’s probably a RV short queen.

What’s the Difference? RV Mattresses vs. Regular Mattresses:

An RV mattress is designed to fit your motorhome in all three of these critically important ways: (1) Height (2) Length (3) Weight.

A regular mattress is usually several inches too high for most RV size beds, could weigh down a motorhome, and is at least a few inches too big for a RV bunk.

Luckily, some mattress retailers specially cater to a travel trailer’s required dimensions, size, and weight, providing accessibility to great sleep with a simple online order.

Can You Put a Regular Mattress in an RV? 

You may be tempted to select a regular mattress for your camper or RV—but before you do, consider your vehicle’s prescribed weight limit from the manufacturer, also known as the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). 

A regular mattress is a heavy item to add to your RV—especially when a RV mattress will usually weigh about 50 pounds less. Plus, you never know what other items you may need to add to your RV during your travels (like a generator which can weigh anywhere from 50 lbs to 250 lbs). 

Our verdict: for peace of mind and smooth sailing (er, driving), select one of the many highly rated RV mattresses on the market today. 

Let’s Break Down the Size Options:

Mattress Size Guide

***All of these sizes are available in RV-approved weight and heights at RVMattress.com. 

RV Twin vs. Standard Twin

Built with your most compact sleep areas in mind, these RV mattresses can offer you the standard measurements of 38”x75” (twin) or 38”x80” (twin XL)—but with varying heights and weights to make for a perfect fit. However, a twin size mattress in the RV world is also offered in anything from a 28”x75” to a 42”x80”.

RVMattress.com, for example, offers both a standard twin and twin XL in five different heights (6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”), while also offering five other RV bunk-size beds that are both slightly smaller or larger than a standard twin. Click here to learn more about the Dreamfoam Essential.

One popular RV bunk size bed is the “truck mattress” with measurements slightly wider and longer than a twin mattress. This mattress is 42”x80”, however, these mattresses can vary in size, so measuring your space is always recommended.

Dreamfoam Essential Mattress 

RV Full Mattress vs. Standard Full Mattress

An RV full size is an inch smaller than the standard full size (53”x75” vs. 54”x75”), however, most RV retailers will also offer a RV short full size (48”x74”) and a RV full XL (53”x80”).

RVMattress.com does offer all three of these sizes in five different heights (6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”) with their RV Dreamfoam Essential, however, if you want a hybrid mattress or a more plush comfort, consider the RV Dreamfoam Hybrid or the RV Aurora Luxe that both measure about 11 inches.

For those looking for a RV three quarter mattress, this would be RVMattress.com’s RV short full size that measures 48”x74”.

Mattress VS

RV Queen Mattress vs. Standard Queen Mattress

Queen size mattresses are a luxury for the adult sleeper. Many luxury motorhomes will accommodate a regular queen size (60”x80”) but these sizes are also where weight becomes an issue—hence the need to turn to an RV mattress.

RVMattress.com offers a mattress model (the RV Signature Hybrid) in a standard queen size, along with a short queen (60”x74”) and an olympic queen (66”x80”)—all while weighing less than 100 pounds. Plus, it’s only 10.25 inches in height without compromising comfort—while some standard queens can be anywhere from 18 inches to 36 inches in height.

Those looking for a cooling mattress topper can select the RV Signature Hybrid’s optional sewn-on mattress topper, GlacioTex™. It’s cool to the touch to prevent you from sleeping too hot or too cold.

RV Signature Hybrid Mattress

RV King Mattress vs. Standard King Mattress

Many king beds in a camper offer a standard RV king size (76”x80”) but, again, here is where weight and height become an issue with most standard king mattresses. Opt for a RV king mattress, which will usually weigh no more than 105 pounds, unlike a regular king mattress that can weigh up to 180 pounds.

However, a standard king mattress may also not fit all RVs and campers.

RVMattress.com offers an additional RV short king mattress (72”x75”) and a RV California king mattress (72”x84”), along with three hard-to-find RV king sizes: 70”x74”, 70”x80”, and 72”x84”.

(If you are looking for an Eastern King, this is the same dimensions as a regular king size mattress, 80”x76”, i.e., almost a perfect square.)


Found your perfect mattress measurements?

Let’s discuss the perfect feel and firmness level! We found the best-in-class RV mattresses for every sleep style and preference. Check out our reviews below. 

Or, for our complete RV mattress replacement guide: check out How To Choose The Best RV Mattress

Four Essential RV Mattresses (at an affordable price!)

RV King Mattress

Best RV Hybrid Mattress: RV Aurora Luxe Possibly the most luxurious RV mattress available—the RV Aurora Luxe boasts pillow top comfort, a cool-to-the-touch mattress topper, and additional cooling from memory foam infused with gel cooling beads. Plus, this memory foam mattress offers an antimicrobial top layer from the American-made CopperFlex™. The mattress’s gel cooling beads expertly manage your sleep temperature so you are never too hot or too cold thanks to a clinically proven set of molecules (PCMs) that both absorb heat and give heat back as needed to maintain your perfect sleep temperature. It’s dynamically cool, it’s oh-so-comfortable—and it’s available in the size and weight that you need for your RV. Sweet dreams!

Additional key features: Superior motion isolation, pressure point relief, body contouring, responsive foam, premium individually wrapped coils (innerspring mattress), and cooling technology. 


RV Aurora Luxe Mattress

Best RV High Quality Foam: RV Dreamfoam Essential This combination of foam layers offers both durable support from a high density base and incredible response and pressure point relief from a comfort layer of memory foam infused with cooling gel. Plus, the price point is unbeatable—and is available in 22 different sizes and 6 different heights. You can opt for any firmness level, from soft to very firm. Add to all that: this mattress is protected against spills and splashes thanks to its state-of-the-art sewn-on encasement, the Nano Stain Terminator. We know that many RV beds double as couches on the open road—thankfully snacks and drinks are safe on this mattress—so you can enjoy sweet dreams, night after night.

Additional key features: Superior motion isolation, pressure point relief, body contouring, built-in waterproof encasement, 6 different heights, 22 different sizes, and sold at an ideal price. 

 Dreamfoam Essential Mattress + quote

Best RV Gel Memory Foam: RV Dreamfoam Hybrid Memory foam made a big splash on the mattress scene about 20 years ago—but the enthusiasm cooled when sleepers complained of sleeping hot. However, the RV Dreamfoam Hybrid sports memory foam that is one step ahead of the game with a gel-infused memory foam comfort layer. This cooling gel is proven to absorb body heat when you start to sleep hot—and then release the heat back to you when you find yourself sleeping cold. It sounds like magic, but it’s actually PCM, a molecule used by athletes to stay both cool or warm in tough weather conditions. Lay back and feel this mattress’s dynamic temperature regulating capabilities—while enjoying this memory foam mattress’s responsive feel. You’ll wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Additional key features: Superior motion isolation, pressure point relief, body contouring, cooling technology, memory foam, and individually wrapped coils (innerspring mattress). 

RV Dreamfoam Hybrid Mattress Lifestyle

Best RV Latex Mattress-Alternative: RV Signature Hybrid A latex mattress offers wonderful spring and bounce—the kind that allows the foam to perfectly form to the contours of your body and erase the aches and pains of the day. But if you don’t want to foot the bill for latex—opt for the RV Signature Hybrid. It’s a no-brainer when the latex-alternative TitanFlex™ offers the same elastic feel without the price tag. This patented foam is poured in Arizona and pairs perfectly with the premium individually wrapped coils (also known as pocketed coils) to allow for a wonderfully refreshing sleep on the open road.

Additional key features: Superior motion isolation, pressure point relief, body contouring, optional sewn-on cooling mattress topper (GlacioTex™), responsive foam, individually wrapped coils (innerspring mattress), and best seller.

RV Signature Hybrid Lifestyle + OUR VERDICT quote

Safe travels! We hope you stay well rested throughout your RV adventures!

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