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Essential U.S.A. Travel: The Top RV Destinations in America



New England

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Essential New England

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Essential New Mexico

Essential New York

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Essential USA

Essential RV Oregon Blog: Bucket List Destinations in the Beaver State

There’s a lot of breathtaking ground to cover in Oregon. And with 29 designated scenic byways and tour routes, you...

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Essential RV Nevada Blog: Striking it Rich Beyond the Vegas Strip in the Silver State

If you associate Nevada solely with the neon lights of Sin City, you’re in for a treat! Beyond the glittering...

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Essential RV Alabama: Rolling Like a Local Through Sweet Home Alabama

Alabama is the undeniable heart of Dixie. And it’s iconic in so many ways: BBQ, civil rights, football, music and...

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Essential RV Alaska: How to Explore the Last Frontier in 3 Iconic Drives

As the world becomes increasingly developed and busier, people are craving nature and wide-open spaces more and more. And now...

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Essential RV Arizona: The Top Destinations for Nature Lovers

Arizona offers so much natural beauty. In just a few hours you can go from a desert landscape of stately...

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Essential RV California: Exploring the Coastal Splendor of State Route 1

From Orange County to Mendocino County, California State Route 1 winds along 656 miles of Pacific Ocean coastline, tempting for...

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Essential RV Colorado: 10 Unforgettable Destinations in the Centennial State

Colorado is home to some of the most diverse landscapes in America—ideal for road trippers to explore. The Rocky Mountain...

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Essential RV Connecticut: The Ultimate Guide to the Constitution State

Although it’s the third-smallest state in the U.S., Connecticut still offers ample adventures for the explorer when it comes to...

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Essential RV Delaware

Nicknamed “The Diamond State” by Thomas Jefferson, Delaware lives up to its moniker—a true hidden gem along the East Coast....

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Essential RV Florida: The Ultimate Guide To Exploring The Sunshine State

With 237 days of sun on average per year, Florida didn’t get its nickname, ‘The Sunshine State” for nothing. With...

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Essential RV Georgia: An Insider’s Highlights of the Peach State

The Peach State’s varied, juicy charms could be summed up in the many songs penned to her. Ray Charles crooned...

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Essential RV Heartland: 8 Must-See Destinations in the “Middle” of America

America is a place of infinite beauty and discovery. And while there are some people who might think the only...

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Essential RV Idaho: The Ultimate Guide to Exploring the Gem State

Those who haven’t been to Idaho may associate it with potatoes, but its official nickname is the Gem State. And,...

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Essential RV Illinois: The Top Destinations in the Prairie State

From small towns to big cities, flat plains to towering cliffs, trickling streams to gushing waterfalls, Illinois is teeming with...

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Essential RV Indiana: Top RV Destinations in the Crossroads of America

Almost all roads lead to Indiana—and it’s well worth following them there. This gorgeous Midwestern gem abounds with unique natural...

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Essential RV Louisiana: Discovering the Pelican State’s Superlative Attractions

Its culture resembles a spicy gumbo, a rich roux with roots in Africa, the Caribbean, France, French Canada, Haiti, and...

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Essential RV Maine: The Ultimate Guide to the Pine Tree State

The state of Maine features 3,478 miles of coastline—which is actually 51 miles more than California and bested only by...

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Essential RV Maryland: An Insider’s Guide to the Old Line State

Founded in 1632, Maryland is one of the original 13 colonies—accounting for the way the remnants of monumental United States...

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Essential RV Massachusetts: The Ultimate Guide to RV Adventures in the Bay State

In one of our regional blogs, we noted that Boston and Plymouth were two worthwhile destinations for RV adventures in...

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Essential RV Michigan: An Insider’s Guide to the Great Lakes State

If you've seen the Pure Michigan® ads, narrated by one of the great Michiganders, Tim Allen, you'll know what it's...

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Essential RV Minnesota: The Ultimate Guide to Exploring the North Star State

Minnesota is unlike any other state in the U.S., dontcha know? A gopher filled, hockey-loving wonderland, this beautiful slice of...

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Essential RV Mississippi: Motoring Through the Best of Mississippi

This is the birthplace of the blues, the catfish capital of the U.S., and the home of literary titans past...

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Essential RV Missouri: 8 Top Destinations in the Show Me State

One of the must-see destinations in the heartland of America is the Show Me state—offering all the charm of its...

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Essential RV Montana: The Ultimate Guide to Discovering Big Sky Country

Montana is the fourth largest state in the U.S. and the forty-fourth in terms of population. Coupling stunning landscapes with...

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Essential RV North Dakota: A Local Guide to the Top Destinations in the Peace Garden State

Things are easy in North Dakota. Easy to get to. Easy to explore. Easy to find yourself on the edge...

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Essential RV New England: The Top 10 Destinations for Patriots Everywhere

As America’s Independence Day quickly approaches, what better way to celebrate than by taking a road trip following our founding...

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Essential RV New Hampshire: The Ultimate Guide to the Granite State

New Hampshire offers endless miles of natural beauty, from its small-but-mighty slice of Atlantic coastline to the rugged White Mountains...

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Essential RV New Mexico: The Ultimate Guide to Exploring the Land of Enchantment

Few destinations on earth offer such a treasure trove of beauty and adventure as New Mexico. From the pretty-in-pink mountains...

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Essential RV New York: The Top 10 Destinations in the Empire State

VisitTheUSA.com beckons you to the Empire State with this endorsement: New York is a state that’s both familiar and full...

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Essential RV Pacific Northwest: Exploring America’s Favorite Mountain Coast

Lush pines, winding roads, snow-kissed mountain peaks, and the ocean breeze are your picturesque views as you venture through the...

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Essential RV Pennsylvania: The Ultimate Guide To Exploring The Keystone State

Pennsylvania is steeped in Colonial history. It offers varied landscapes and has some of the most impassioned sports fans you...

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Essential RV Rhode Island: The Ultimate Guide to the Ocean State

The smallest state in the union, Rhode Island punches above its weight with 400 miles of coastline, 100-plus beaches, tourist...

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Essential RV South Carolina: Top Travel Destinations in the Palmetto State

Travelers may come for the coastline, but along the way they find that South Carolina has a lot to discover, from rolling...

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Essential RV Texas: Dispatches From The Fascinating Expanses of the Lone Star State

Once famously its own country, Texas has earned icon status around the world. And as the saying goes, it “ain’t...

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Essential RV Arizona: The Top 10 Destinations in the Grand Canyon State

With a hip restaurant scene, almost 200 golf courses, four major league sports teams, world-class museums, and a full year-round...

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Essential RV Utah: The Ultimate Guide to National and State Parks in the Beehive State

If you’re starting your Utah RV adventure from Nevada or Arizona, entering the southwest part of the state soon deposits...

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Essential RV Vermont: The Ultimate Guide to Adventures in the Green Mountain State

Vermont is known for its picturesque mountains and the highest maple syrup production in the U.S. (500,000 gallons annually), while...

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Essential RV Wisconsin: The Ultimate Guide to Exploring the Badger State

When you think of Wisconsin, you probably think of cheeseheads. It's true: in this state, we're known first for our...

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Essential RV Wyoming: Exploring the Top Travel Destinations and Hidden Gems of the Equality State

The Wyoming state flag waves in the wind with the juxtaposition of two iconic symbols: the state seal—representing equality and...

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